MoneyToken - Platform for Smart Loans Backed by Crypto-Assets


Blockchain technology is growing every day to bring new innovations that can facilitate the work and needs of many people, one of them is MoneyToken, platform for smart loans backed by crypto-assets. Where anyone can apply for a loan by giving crypto assets as collateral, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and there are several other types of crypto.

This idea comes when a more complicated process occurs when applying for a loan to a banking or capital provider in general, so the people behind MoneyToken want to present an easier, fast and decentralized process.

The concept offered by MoneyToken attracted the attention of some cryptocurrency activists, one of whom was Roger Ver Founder of, adviser at MoneyToken, quotes from page.

 “MoneyToken is a bright example of the real use of blockchain technology, as well as offering a massive boost for crypto market liquidity for all market players, and especially for businesses.”

Borrowers and investors can take advantage of this service for profit, as their borrowers will get funding to continue their business or even those who want to run a new business, while investors will benefit from the specified interest.

To get a loan, the borrower will provide a crypto asset such as BTC, ETH and other assets, then send it to a multi-signature wallet. Instead they receive credited funds agreed upon in selected stable money such as USDT Tethe, BitUSD, MTC MoneyToken or which have a stable value. While investors are protected by overcollateralization.
Funds obtained from retail sales will be transferred to safety funds to secure the lender's interests, this has been explained on white paper please read carefully.

Inside the MoneyToken platform, there will be 'Amanda' as a MoneyToken agent where it will manage and monitor the performance of its guaranteed crypto assets. Amanda is an artificial Intelligence Assistant who will provide automatic loan operations on the platform. Amanda will ask the borrower and oversee the whole process, starting from the loan applications until automatic status checks for payback, and will alert them to a margin call and some other functions : 
  •  Consult platform users about any questions
  •  Help ITO MoneyToken
  •  Update registered users and investors on any news and information

Loan Terms:
  •  Loan term: from 3 to 90 days (long term credit will also be available)
  •  Amount of loan: from $ 500 to $ 1,000,000 (USD or equivalent)
  •  Interest rate: from 0.2% to 0.5% per day (or 10-15% APR)
  •  Special loan terms are available for loans over $ 100,000 and for long-term loans
  •  Long term loans will be available
 Loan currency:
  •  USD and other currencies
  •  USDT Tether
  •  Decentralized DAI stablecoin
  •  MTC MoneyToken
  •  BitUSD
MoneyToken as the platform will assign IMT Token as a commission in this ecosystem, each member will deposit  IMT tokens as a platform fee,also available other interesting bonuses for tokens IMT users also participate in decentralized voting.
In carrying out this project MoneyToken is supported by experienced team in crypto, IT, Banking and others, there are also some prominent people on the advisory list.


Token Sale Information
Name : MoneyToken
Symbol : IMT
Token Price : $0,005
Retail price : $0,05
Supply : 22,49 Million
Private sale : Feb 07 - Mar 21
Pre-ICO : Mar 22 - Apr 12
Main ICO : May 02 - Jun 06
Retail sales : Jun 07

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