Rivetz - How Rivetz Apps Secure the Device


In this era, many people who use mobile device to do their daily activities. From communication, reading news, see what happen today also can be monitored with mobile device. for people who are involved in financial world, especially whose who transac with mobile device, security is the most important thing for their devices. Not only that, security is the most terrible problem because the hackers always get easier to break security system in someone's mobile device.

Rivetz is here to solve security problems that happen in mobile device. Rivetz help their user to secure every transaction with their device. one thing that Rivets developer do now is 2fa  in device which being used for same account
but that is just one from many application which being developed by Rivetz, and it is only small part of the whole ecosystem. for developers, they can user rivetz to secure their created apps. so if you have important apps, in future you can use rivetz to secure your apps.

Fitur Rivetz App

Rivetz developer will developing Rivetz apps to help their user. especially for people who involved in cryptocurrency. there are several fiture that will come in Rivetz app :

 Also check out the explanation via video

 Mobile wallet

 In rivetx ecosystem there will be fiture that like a wallet. This wallet is used to save user’s aset in Rivetz token or the other cryptocurrencies. Of courser with better secure system
Easy communication with chat and voice fiturs
To help communication between users, rivets app will add chat and voice fiture in their application. Rivetz will be perfect app with this fiture, because not only for security but the user can communicate with the other user.

Rivetz Storage

 Sometime user confused where they can save their important file so it is not get hacked. This fiture really helpful to save some application so it is safe and simple. Can downloaded everytime and everywhere. This will save memory usage in their device.

 Cloud authentication

 Maybe you know about icloud or other similar apps which used to secure device. Rivets apps also provide that fiture so your device always safe everytime and everywhere.

 All that fitures will available in Rivets app later, developer still do this all thing for better future. But now, developer still focused on device secure system like 2fa with TEE system. The most important is rivets will make their application to be security application for everty transaction in device. Of course they can do all of that things with help from people that need this apps. Rivetz will be partner with bitpay to creates security system in every bitpay transaction.

Rivetz Tokensale

To support and help their plans to deveop this project, rivetz start tokensale in this week. Rivetz token has 200M total supply and available around 70m for token sale, Token Distribution Detail : 

Token supply 200 Million (200,000,000) RvT
  • 70M to be available in tokensale
  • 60M  promotional tokens used for approved marketing and incentive purposes 
  1. 30M available now
  2.  30M locked by smart contract for up to 1 year
  • 70M  to be reserved for future use
  1.  10M available now
  2.  20M locked by smart contract for 12 months
  3.  20M locked by smart contract for 24 months
  4.  20M locked by smart contract for 36 months 

The token sale schedule

Start time    : Aug 10h 2017 17:00 UTC  ( Live Now )
End time     : Sep 10th, 2017 17:00 UTC
Price            : 333.33 RVT / 1 ETH
Price            : 333.33 RVT / 1 ETH
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