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Job, the major problem for everyone in the world, job is very important for those who already married. because without job, they can't feed their family. however, today it is not only those who already married who are looking for job. at this time there are many students working, it is to cover their needs of their school. maybe they think if they work, they can help their parents. also they can earn extra money for their daily needs in school.

But the problem is not about job that they get. but the main problem is difficult for students to get a job job. sometime, only who already graduated who get accepted instead of who are still school. the reasons are quite diverse, one example is owner / someone who have the job afraid if that students not focus on their job.

Bitjob is here to solve the problems facing students now, with bitjob platforms students will be able to find extra money for their schools and to add to work experience while still in school. This is useful later when they graduated and want to get a job, at least they already have enough experience.

Bitjob Alpha
The latest news from bitjob project, they launched an alpha version of bitjob. You can try it at the following link Alpha bitjob is created to help students find a job, free workers and employees looking to find side jobs.

Bitjob Alpha

  •  Reputation
  •  Insentive
  •  Affiliate Program
  •  Resume
Bitjob members can give each other a reputation value based on their work, if there is an unreasonable assessment (reputation) then it can not last for a long time, it can be in the value of some past and future work. Then members who have a negative reputation will get some difficulties such as higher costs are also difficult to find a business partner and vice versa if the members have a high reputation then the opportunity to get paid higher.

Bitjob has successfully run Pre-ico
On 4 August 2017, bitjob developers launched pre-ico to support their project. This pre-ico runs for about 12 days and ends on the 16th of August 2017. The next plan of Bitjob developers is to launch ICO which will begin in September, you can buy here

Development Roadmap

Detail Pre-ico dan STU (Student Token)

Token STU Supply
  •  Total STU: 200M STU
  •  Presale Stage: 40M STU
  •  TokenSale: 88M STU
  •  Presale Closes: August 16th

Basic Terms

  • Pre-sale Minimum: 22.5 ETH
  • Price Rate: 1 ETH = 888 STU
  • 1 STU = 0.25 USD
BitJob Team

  • Dror Medalion - CEO, Co-founder
  • Bogdan Fiedur - CTO, Co-founder
  • Aviad Gindi - CFO, Co-founder
  • Elad Kofman - CMO, Co-founder
  • Edward Ruchevits - Lead Back-end ├Éeveloper
  • Micha Roon - Ethereum developer
  • Alex Oberhauser - Blockchain technologist
  • Lior Zysman - Law & Regulation
  • Yao-Chung Hu - Community manager (Asia)
  • Anton Livaja - Full stack Web developer, Lingual expert
  • Max Aigner - Blockchain developer
  • Patrick Mockridge - Recruitment strategist
  • Cyril Alvarez Adriaansen - bitJob ambassador, Web designer
  • Yoel Lapscher - bitJob ambassador, Industrial engineer
  • David Mirynech - bitJob ambassador, Blockchain consultant

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