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TrueFlip, Lottery project with a fairer lottery in the blockchain

Posted by Republik Coin - Cryptocurrency News on Kamis, 27 Juli 2017

Gambling, The it seems growing rapidly at this time. In the modern era like this, gambling is not only in a traditional way, but gambling using the online system also growing very rapidly, although can't beat the dominance of traditional gambling, but online gambling can't be underestimated about the prize and also its jackpot. With the online system, of course, online gambling provides convenience to its users.

According to data which compiled by H2 Gambling Capital , Revenue from various types of online and offline gambling models, Lottery gambling business placed in the top 3 who have huge revenues in online and offline gambling. For this reason TrueFlip Project wants to develop a decentralized Online Gambling Lottery with blockchain and put forward transparency in every drawing lottery in TrueFlip.

About TrueFlip
TrueFlip Project (https://trueflip.io) offers innovation in the Lottery model gambling business with the easy, transparency and the main profit is jackpot that they claimed for the biggest reward on the planet. The jackpots they offer are large enough for the size of the lottery online. The jackpot at the https://trueflip.io site reaches 55 BTC or about $ 154K.

Trueflip is based in Costarica where that country not have any law about Gambling. TrueFlip was created to overcome the current problem of lottery gambling. Many of those who won the lottery offline did not get the prize according to what they won. That happens because in offline gambling many pieces of lottery prizes, it could be because of cheating and could also because tax deductions are too big. TrueFlip is here to fix this issue.

One of the trueflip goals is be a lottery site that is transparent and based on blockchain technology and wants to make the largest lottery site in the world. Surely this will not be easy, but trueflip will try to give the best to its users.

TrueFlip Lottery, How it work?
TrueFlip Lottery is a lottery that is transparent because it is blockchan. Why is that? Because every drawing number for its lottery is taken from block of transaction in blockchain. This can happen because the numbers in the block blockchain are random and can be verified.

This is what made why trueflip is transparent. The block drawn for each day's drawing is the first block after 8:00 PM (UTC). The limit for those who want to buy a ticket at the latest is 7.30 PM (UTC), for figures drawn each day can be checked alone by copying the hash on the first block after 8:00 PM (UTC) and copying it on  trueflip.io check section Transparency.

After the hash of the first block after 8:00 PM (UTC) is checked it will come out the numbers underlying drawing on the trueflip every day. This is completely transparent and decentralized with blockchain. And fundamental to the hash that is on the block in blockchain then this lottery will be a fair night. Lottery on Trueflip.

TrueFlip Token Sale

TrueFlip will sell their token 70% to anyone interested in purchasing TFL tokens. The remaining 20% tokens are given to the developer to still be able to contribute with this project and the remaining 10% is given to the advisor, escrow and bounty campaign. TFL token which not sold will be burned to keep prices good in the market.

This is TFL token sale details

Name Token                : TFL
Supply Token              : 21.000.000
Rate ICO                    : 0.0005 BTC / TFL token
Token Sale Start          : 28 June 2017
Token Sale Ends         : 28 July 2017

You can follow TrueFlip Token Sale by purchasing tokens using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. Currently for purchases through waves is not available because the developers find problems while sending with Waves.
For more information on this token sale can check directly to  ico.trueflip 


Team Management

·         Nikita Parhomenko - COO True Flip

·         Daniil Andrianov - CFO True Flip


·         Felix Sidokhin - Lead Developer

·         Nikita Ivanov - Lead Developer

·         Oleg Skorbatyuk = Specialist in IT infrastructure

·         Vladimir Feoktistov = Specialist in IT infrastructure


·         Konstantin Katsev - Marketing/IR

Project Advisor

·         Eric Benz - CEO Cryptopay

·         George Basiladze - Founder Cryptopay

·         Pavel Kinchikov - Deputy Group CEO

·         Jason Cassidy - Vice Chairman of the Board at Blockchain Association of Canada

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