Polybius Bank – the first bank based on cryptocurrency



In this modern times, with money we can buy anything that we want. But the money problem is getting more complained by many people. And then comes a place to save money that we know as bank. In bank we can save, send even we can do some investment in bank.

With the development of banking system in the world, now there are new project banking based that we name is Polybius Bank. All the convenience we can find in Polybius Bank. Polibyus Bank provides financial services that can facilitate each customers.  To improve their network, Polybius Bank create an ICO aimed at raising funds from investor who interested with their product. ICO will held for 5 weeks.
ICO Polybius Bank – start May 31 2017 until July 5 2017

Polybius Bank Technologiess

Polybius was founded with the aim of providing digital experience in the financial life of investors. Of course with supported by advanced technology and smartcontract that make this Polybius Bank project has precious value. Here are some technologies from Polybius Bank :

11.      SSL
22.      Biometrics
33.      Decentralised Ledgers
44.      Smart Contracts
55.      Open API
66.      Internet of Things
77.      Big Data
88.      Applied AI

This technology expected can help the life of every investors. Eventually the investors will get Electronic ID card from Polybius bank in the form of physical card. They who have the electronic ID will fell digital experience in their financial life and get various best service in Europe. This time the electronic id card only exist in Europe country, maybe in future it can expanded to the world.

All About Polybius Bank Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding will begin may 31 2017 and will run for 5 weeks until july 5 2017. Developer will make sales for their tokens  http://polybius.io

Polybius bank token (PLTB). 1 PLTB estimated worth as  = 10.00 USD
If you want to join in crowdfunding and want to get PLTB token, you must spend minimum 10.00 USD for each tokens.

·         Minimum Milestone
In crowdfunding, polybiurs bank developer set minimum milestones. If on 5 weeks ICO reach milestone 1 ( $1,5M ) not achieved or funds collected less than $1.5M then investor funds will be returned.
Polybius bank offers some variety bonus depends time investor join the project.the faster investor join the project, it means in first 7 days or  day after ICO opened, the bonus will different with the investor who joined 7 days before ICO end. The amount of bonus distribution in below :

Day 1  – 25 token bonus;
Day 2-7 – 20 token bonus;
Week 2 – 15 token bonus;
Week 3 – 10 token bonus;
Week 4 – 5 token bonus;
Week 5 – 0 token bonus.

The biggest bonus is on first day. On last week we not provide a bonus. Bonus rewarded by investors will directly added to the total balance of tokens that have been obtained.
At ICO crowdfunding, developer prepare some PLTB token to be issued during ICO crowdfunding. 20.000.000 PLTB token available for crowdfunding. An the rest or token that not sold will be destroyed. This is useful so that the token launched on market, it still stay on $10.00

Update For Crowdfunding& Development Plan

Crowdfunding which was started on May 31, 2017 by polybius bank developers, at the time this article was created on 24 June 2017 Crowdfunding is successfully collected more than $ 24 M after the ICO was launched. Extraordinary! With $ 24 M this means the Crowdfunding has reached Milestone 4.

 ICO Link  http://polybius.io

polybius documents read here Document

Important Notice

The Polybius tokens have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), and may not be offered or sold in the United States or to or for the benefit of US persons (as defined in Regulation S under the Securities Act) unless they are so registered, or an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act is available. One such exemption allows the resale of Polybius tokens purchased for their own account and for investment purposes only by investors who (i) are not otherwise affiliated with the Polybius Foundation, (ii) have been exposed for some time to the economic risks that ownership of Polybius tokens entails, and (iii) are not part of the distribution of the Polybius tokens.