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Tokes Platform Proyek Mata Uang Digital Untuk Legalitas Cannabis

Posted by Republik Coin - Cryptocurrency News on Sabtu, 07 Januari 2017

Revolusi untuk legalitas cannabis



Tokes Platform adalah sebuah proyek mata uang digital yang menggabungkan kemajuan teknologi Blockchain dengan gerakan legalitas Cannabis, tujuannya adalah untuk merancang pasar bisnis cannabis menjadi legas dan sepenuhnya digunakan untuk industri pengobatan dan apotik.

Michael Wagner adalah pendiri Cannabis Revolution™   melihat bahwa pertumbuhan pasar terhadap bisnis cannabis sangat cepat seperti para analis memperkirakan pergerakan pasar bisnis cannabis akan tumbuh 25%  pada 2017, inilah yang membuat Michael Wagner tertarik merlirik pasar cannabis, sebagai seorang yang berpengalaman di bidang analisa investasi di Las Vegas, Michael Wagner melihat potensi besar pada bisnis ini dan menggabungkan tegnologi blockchain untuk legalitas cannabis.

Dalam rangka membangun dan menjalankan proyek ini perusahaan Cannabis Revolution™   membuka ICO ( initial coin offering ) yaitu penjualan awal Tokes coin kepada investor, investor dapat membeli Tokes sebelum perusahaan di luncurkan dimana setiap investor akan menerima Tokes sebagai aset yang memilik nilai jual saat pasar exchanger di sediakan.

ICO atau penjualan Tokes akan tersedia selama 45 hari di bagi dalam beberapa tahap/ Mingu tentu saja dengan tawaran bonus berbeda, berikut uraiannya:

Berakhir pada 15 Januari 2017 ( 7 hari lagi )

Tahap Pertama - 7,500 Tokes per 1 BTC ( berlaku pada 24 jam 2 Desember 2016 )

Tahap Kedua   -  5000 Tokes per 1 BTC ( Berlaku pada 3 Desember 2016 - 17 Desember 2016 )

Tahap Ketiga   -  4000 Tokes per 1 BTC ( Berlaku pada 17 Desember 2016 - 1 Januari 2017 )

Tahap Akhir     - 3000 Tokes per 1 BTC ( Berlaku pada 1 Januari 2017 - 15 Januari 2017 )

Bonus Khusus

Dalam rangka menyambut tahun baru 2017 Tokes Platform menawarkan bonus pada 13 Januari berlaku selama 24 jam  6250 Tokes per 1 BTC.


Tokes Platform di dukung orang - orang yang berpengalaman di bidang masing-masing berikut ini daftar pendiri dan tim Tokes Platform.

Michael Wagner - FOUNDER

 Michael has worked with the largest investment management firms in Las Vegas (Investment Counsel Company, United Capital, and Arista Wealth Management) in select capacities, including investment analyst, relationship manager, and portfolio manager. Having recently completed the Level III CFA exam, he has achieved the last of the qualifications necessary to apply for the coveted CFA Charter designation. His background is coupled with a deep passion and enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, of which he has been involved since 2013. As a Las Vegas native, he has a deep network of entrepreneurs, developers, and fintech enthusiasts, including advisers in the legal cannabis distribution industry. His skill set will drive business operations and aid in maximizing value for TOKES holders.

Gabriel Allred, M.A. - Co-Founder

 Aside from his work with cryptocurrency since 2011, Gabriel is currently pursuing a PhD in cognitive science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has a background in data sciences and has contracted for the Air Force Research Labs conducting applied research for intelligence analysts. His current dissertation work focuses on the cognitive factors within behavioral economics. Gabriel is heading TOKES platform development and the technological infrastructure of the company.

W0lf - Codebase Developer

 Renowned cryptocurrency developer W0lf has joined the TOKES team, bringing a masterful proficiency of C, CUDA, and OpenCL. He is well known among the BitcoinTalk.org forums for his work on sgminer-gm, wolf-xmr, and wolf-lbry, among other crypto projects.

Kristy-Leigh Minehan - Codebase Developer

 Kristy has worked behind the scenes with W0lf on cryptocurrency projects and possesses fluency in Python, Erlang, C++, and OpenCL. She will be among our programmers developing the codebase of the Tokes platform

Anthony Grevich - Network Engineer

 Anthony has worked as a Senior Network for Everi Holdings, Sands Corporation, Bally Technologies, Forsythe Technology, and Vial Corp. His skill-set and knowledge will be crucial in the implementation of the network and node infrastructure of the Tokes platform.

Tim Deneau - Interface Design / Developer

 Tim has over a decade of experience designing and developing user interfaces for web applications and platforms at creative agencies and startups. He will serve as UI developer for our mobile platform and is head of creative marketing for the Tokes platform.

Jon Tran - Community Manager

 Jon has worked for the Desert Research Institute ensuring data quality across national laboratories on grant funded projects for NASA and the Lander Foundation. Additionally, he handled Southern California operations for NBC from 2014 to early 2016 until joining our team.  He will be managing our community outreach and communications.

Tokes diskusi dan Info terbaru

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